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24 Apr 2019



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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 24 Apr 2019

Changing the desktop wallpaper is harder than it sounds because it involves searching for the right one all over the Internet. You have to make sure its quality is good enough, its resolution matches the one on your screen, and, of course, you have to like it. This is where Wallpaper Downloader comes in to make things easier. As its name suggests, the software's purpose is to download wallpapers from the Internet onto your computer. It lets you make various tweaks so that it will download new images according to your personal preferences. You can go on with your daily routine, while the application is busy in the background, downloading and applying new wallpapers, without getting in your way.

Wallpaper Downloader is a Java-based application, which makes it compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It comes in a ZIP archive, and you only need to extract its components into a folder, instead of going through an installation process. There are no special requirements you have to meet, and you won't notice any impact on your computer's performance while the application is running.

The software places a wide range of configuration options at your disposal, organized on a series of tabs, on a compact user interface. You can set it to look for wallpapers of a certain size or images that match your current screen resolution, in specific sources, like Wallhaven.cc, Devianart, WallpaperFusion and others. For some of these websites, you can tell the application to look for the newest wallpapers, the most popular ones or images that meet other criteria. Additionally, you can add one or more keywords, if you want to look for images with a specific theme.

Once you've told the software what images to look for, it will automatically download all the images that meet your criteria. What's more, the application will also apply the new pictures on your desktop automatically, every few minutes, if you set it accordingly. You can decide where to store the downloaded images, when to apply them, and what kind of notifications you should receive.

Wallpaper Downloader comes with a few management options as well. It displays the last five downloaded wallpapers, along with options for marking them as favorites, opening them in your image viewer or in Windows Explorer, and setting them as your new desktop background. You can switch between wallpapers at a moment's notice or you can just let the application change them for you, so you can focus on other things.

With Wallpaper Downloader working on your system, you will never have to think about changing your wallpaper again.


The application downloads and applies new desktop wallpapers automatically. It lets you set up various selection criteria. You can let it work in the background and forget about it.


There are no serious issues to complain about.

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